Value Acceleration & Exit/Transfer Planning

Exit/Transfer Readiness Partner

Impact Advisors Group (“IAG”) uniquely understands two key metrics that impact most business owners:

1. The value of the business often makes up 80% (or more) of the net worth of the business owner.

2. 100% of business owners will eventually “exit” their business. It will either be voluntarily or involuntarily.

Unfortunately, much of the time, this outcome won’t be on their terms (timeline, net proceeds, process, etc).

Whether the goal is to transfer the business to the next generation, to key employees, or to an external buyer, IAG is committed to equipping & empowering small business owners to improve their readiness to unlock, access, and enjoy the wealth they created in their business.

“We cannot change what we’re not aware of, and once we’re aware, we cannot help but change.”

Sheryl Sandberg

“If the ladder is not leaning against the right wall, every step we take just gets us to the wrong place faster. “

Stephen Covey

“If you want to go fast, go alone.  If you want to go far, go together.”

African Proverb

Phase I - Identify

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The Objective:  We will seek to understand the current scenario through a thorough discovery process.  In order to co-create a path to achieve a desirable outcome/destination, we must first have an accurate & complete picture of our starting point.   

Business: We will perform an informal business valuation and business assessment.  We will also perform a business exit readiness assessment. 

Personal: IAG has built a team of Certified Financial Planner (“CFP®”) that specialize in serving small business owners to design and implement a personal financial plan for the business owner(s) and their families.  We will perform a personal readiness assessment.

Phase II - Defend

The Objective: The best offense is a good defense. In this phase, we will improve the odds of long-term success by defending the business against internal & external threats.

Business: We will perform the requisite due diligence to identify and mitigate the threats to growing the business value. (e.g. supplier concentration, customer concentration, employee challenges, owner dependence, compliance, legal, etc.)

Personal: IAG (through the financial planning process) perform the requisite due diligence to identify and mitigate the threats to achieving personal financial success. (e.g. death, disability, divorce, disagreement, accidents, health, etc.)

Impact Advisors Group Business Consulting

Phase III - Grow

Impact Advisors Group | Duxbury Massachusetts | Warrington Pennsylvania
Impact Advisors Group | Duxbury Massachusetts | Warrington Pennsylvania

The Objective: Grow the transferable value of the business and improve the odds that the business owner can exit/transfer the business on his/her terms.

Business:  We will focus on the core key areas that have the highest impact on the business & personal success.

  1. Boutique vs. Scale
  2. Efficiency vs. Expansion
  3. Value Growth via Capitaliz (Separate Fee)
  4. Success Team development & coordination.
  5. Tax Planning
  6. Growth Financing

IAG (through the financial planning process), will develop a strategy to systematically, and tax efficiently, convert business wealth into personal wealth.

Phase IV - Harvest

The Objective: Convert business wealth into personal wealth and maximize the net proceeds received from transferring the business…on your terms!

Business: We will coordinate with the other professionals (tax, legal, financial, etc.) to navigate the exit/transfer process and negotiate on your behalf to achieve the desired result.

Personal: IAG (through the financial planning process) will execute on the strategy to maximize the impact that the “Harvest” has on the owner, his/her family, and community..

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Phase V - Reflect, Recharge & Enjoy

Business Owner Free Financial Assessment

The Objective: Reflect, recharge, and enjoy the next chapter in a long, fulfilling, and impactful life.

Business: In our experience, many business owners find professional and personal satisfaction when they can leverage their knowledge and experience to help other business owners. As such, IAG offers exclusive access to our “IMPACT Alumni Club.” IMPACT Alumni Club members are authorized and equipped to provide value-add services & insight to future IAG clients.

Personal: IAG (through the financial planning process) will be by your side and serve as your thinking partner as you decide who, how, when, & where to leverage your new liquid wealth.  We will provide ongoing wealth management, asset protection/preservation, and estate planning coordination. 

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